We Are Austin Tech


Austin has grown as an innovation center over the past 15 years and is now home to a vast number of innovators and leaders from all parts of the innovation marketplace. We are Austin tech is a place that allows readers to learn more about the people who have made Austin what it is today and discover those who will make it what it is tomorrow. Designers to educators to investors all play a part in the growth and depth of the community and it is the mission of We Are Austin Tech to share the stories of those individuals.


Press and Media Inquiries

For your convenience, we have organized a Press Page with media and news updates. Please direct all media inquiries to:

Austen W. Trimble
Production Manager

How to Help

It takes a lot of effort to make this possible. Each interview involves more than a dozen hours of prep, shooting, editing, and publishing. As we grow, we look to the local community and our online community to help determine how this site grows. You can:

– Recommend people to interview
– Recommend features for the site
– Make a donation
– Offer to help with video creation and editing (Commit to a full day of shooting video/month)

This site is co-founded by Joshua Baer, Rene Lego, Ruben Cantu, Paul Burke, Austen Trimble